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About Us

A little bit about Mohawk Off-Road Fabrication (MORF)


After purchasing our 2014 Jeep Cherokee KL Trailhawk we found multiple online communities supporting KL Enthusiasts. And like many others the obsession began... Now after doing lift mods, and tire installation, we were at a point where we wanted more and wanted to give others more options to modify their Jeep SUV's so we have created a line of products to do just that.

In April of 2018, we gave ourselves a name and right out of our personal shop in Eastern Iowa we started designing, fabricating, producing, and selling our custom exterior light mounting accessories for Jeep Cherokee KL, Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ, Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ, Jeep Grand Cherokee WK, Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2, Jeep Renegade, Jeep Patriot, Jeep Compass MK, Jeep Compass MP, Jeep Cherokee XJ, Jeep Cherokee KK, and Jeep Commander XK.

Our products are American made and with supplied with American made hardware. We try to stay green by being as paperless as possible and recycling unused materials.

We plan on adding more products down the road for your Jeep Cherokee KL as well as several other Jeep Models!

Thanks for visiting, make sure you come back for updated products!

Lifted KL

KL on 32's

Modified Cherokee KL


Jeep Compass MK MP

Jeep Cherokee XJ KK

Jeep Commander XK

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Rear Light Mount

Jeep Renegade Latitude Rear Light Mount

Jeep Renegade Limited Rear Light Mount

Jeep Renegade Sport Rear Light Mount

Jeep Compass Trailhawk Rear Light Mount

Jeep Compass Latitude Rear Light Mount

Jeep Compass Limited Rear Light Mount

Jeep Compass Sport Rear Light Mount

Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear Light Mount

Lifted Renegade

Lifted Compass

Lifted Grand Cherokee ZJ WJ WK WK2

jeep life

Jeep Cherokee KL Off-Road Accessories


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jeep cherokee kl pod light mounts 
jeep cherokee kl light bar mounts
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Trail Accessories
Off road light mounts

Grand Cherokee ZJ

Grand Cherokee WJ

Grand Cherokee WK

Grand Cherokee WK2

Ditch Lights

Light Mount Brackets for 2014- 2019 Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee KL Exterior Accessories

Ditch Mounts

Front LED Light Bar Mount

Rear LED Light Mount

Cree Light Mounts

Trail Light Mounts

Off Road Light Mount Brackets

License Plate Light Mount

Fog Light Mounts

Driving Light Mounts

Jeep Reverse Lights

Light modifications

Hitch Mount Lights

Jeep Cherokee KL Trailhawk

Jeep Cherokee FWD

Jeep Cherokee Latitude AD1

Jeep Cherokee Latitude AD2

Jeep Cherokee Limited AD1

Jeep Cherokee Limited AD2

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