Frequently asked questions

Product Information

All our products CNC Plasma Cut and are gauge fitted after production to check for out of tolerances and/or inaccuracies. Products are brake formed for proper bend and form. We prepare painted surfaces on our brackets properly by lightly roughing up the surface of the aluminum or steel, deburr all edges, and holes. We then clean the surface(s), apply 3+ coats of primer, and 3+ coats of Black Satin paint, allowing each coat to dry between coats. We only use high quality multi-coat, metal bonding primer and paint for these applications. Products are produced on a per order basis. Our products are made in the U.S.A. Although our brackets are designed with typical light/bracket designs in mind we cannot accept responsibility for individual light manufacturers light designs, mounting designs, of light mounting hardware supplied with your specific lights. Some lights and/or mounting hardware may not be compatible with our product(s) and may need to be slightly modified or replaced in order to work. We cannot test mount/fit every available light on the market. In some instances the light mount holes in our brackets may need to be enlarged or modified to accommodate larger diameter mounting bolts or mounting positions. We have tried to allow for most of these changes in our designs. Please note there are several different mounting types for various light bars on the market. If in doubt ask us.

Materials Used

We hand pick all the aluminum/steel used in our product(s) and try to use materials without flaws, but there may be some materials used with slight imperfections. We cannot control the consistency of the aluminum/ metal sheeting or mounting hardware. No sheet of aluminum/steel is the same. Tooling marks are held to a minimum where possible, but some products may have slight tooling marks on surfaces. We try to keep these marks on the backside of product where possible, but in some instances this is impossible. We try to clean up these areas best we can without marring surfaces further. In most cases these marks or imperfections will be unseen after installation.


Please make sure our product(s) are intended for your vehicle before ordering. We cannot take responsibility if you order a part not intended for your vehicle. If you need to know if it will fit ask us, we will be happy to help. Some of our brackets may or may not fit other vehicle makes and models.


We prefer PayPal. We accept payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card via our website. If you do not have PayPal you can still make a secure payment here on our website. If you want to get PayPal sign up it's free, easy, and secure. We can also accept payment via Google Pay, Facebook Pay, & Venmo if needed.

Processing Time

All order are produced and filled on a per order basis, we keep no inventory. Orders are processed in the order they are received. Processing time including shipping may take 2-3 weeks depending on availability of materials and holidays. We try to keep processing time between 1-2 weeks including shipping when possible. We assure you that your order will be shipped asap.


All our products are shipped USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail w/ Tracking Number and Delivery Confirmation. As soon as your package ships we will send your USPS Tracking Number to the email you provided at time of purchase. All product is shipped in large 24"-31" long Priority Mail Boxes. In some cases your order may be at your local Post Office. All products are packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Orders lost, stolen, or damaged during shipping should be taken up with your local Post Office. We are currently working on setting up shipping to other International locations, if you live outside the United States and are willing to pay the difference in shipping we will fill your order, just contact us for pricing.


Please Note: Any modification(s) done to you vehicle may result in voiding factory warranties. We do not take responsibility voided warranties or injury done to your person, or damage to your vehicle during installation of our products. Mod At your own risk... Products advertised on this website are designed, developed, created, and manufactured by Mohawk Off Road Fab any duplication for resale is strongly prohibited.

Hours & Availability

Contact Us Use our Chat or our "Contact Us" form on our website, email us, or Facebook Messenge us anytime. We will normally respond within an hour or less. Our Shop Production Hours: Monday - Friday: Open & Operational Saturday - Sunday: Closed Holidays: Closed

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges

Normally we do not accept refunds, returns, or exchanges because all orders are produced and filled on a per order basis, we keep no inventory. If you have a problem with your order you must notify us within 3 days of purchase. Custom or personalized orders may not be returned. In all cases of refunds, returns, or exchanges, the buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping, plus a 20% restocking fee, plus any selling fees incurred. If the item is not returned in its original condition the buyer is responsible for any loss in value. In all cases the item must be returned within one week of receiving the item.